Rhino Northwest, LLC v. NLRB

Rhino challenged the Board's certification of a proposed unit of employees called "riggers." Rhino argued that the company's other employees were so similar to its riggers that a bargaining unit could not consist solely of the latter. The DC Circuit held that some legitimate basis plainly exists for permitting riggers to form their own unit. In this case, the distinctions between riggers and other Rhino employees—concerning wages, hours, training, supervision, equipment, and physical working conditions—were significant. Therefore, the Board reasonably concluded that such distinctions differentiated the employment interests of Rhino's riggers and non-riggers such that riggers may form their own bargaining unit. The court denied Rhino's petition for review and granted the Board's cross-application for enforcement. View "Rhino Northwest, LLC v. NLRB" on Justia Law